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Holiday with Pet

On holiday - have your home and pets well cared for!

Heading on a long-awaited summer holiday to enjoy the sun, beaches and ocean without having to worry about your home and pets? Whether you are looking for a pet shelter, hotel or a reliable pet sitter, we can provide consultation and arrange the most suitable solution for both one-time and frequent travel.

From pet hotels and dog-walking services to reliable pet sitters who can also check on your home, water your plants and empty your mailbox, we will find the right service for you and your pet. We review and carefully select pet and home sitters, who will ensure that both are well cared for while you are away on holiday.

Going on holiday with a pet - information about care services and taking pets along

Not every pet is straightforward to take along on holiday. Dogs tend to be uncomplicated while travelling and quickly adjust to their new surroundings. Cats and birds, on the other hand, are more difficult – they feel most comfortable in their familiar environment. As small animals tend to react to fear with flight responses, a change of location may be associated with stress and can be detrimental to their health. Ask your veterinarian if you are unsure whether it is safe and advisable to travel with your pet.

Is your beloved pet coming along? Then contact your hotel beforehand to ask if pets are welcome and make sure to receive confirmation in written form. Also inform the hotel staff about your pet upon arrival.

Animal shelters: an affordable solution for emergencies

In animal shelters, qualified staff care for animals in need. Along with dogs and cats, these frequently include small animals. The costs vary with the region as well as the type and size of your pet. Expect a price of around 13 – 15 EUR per day for dogs or around 7 EUR for small animals. However, because animal shelters are primarily intended for emergencies and small animals, spaces are limited especially during the holidays. Try to book as soon as possible!

Pet hotels: from simple to luxurious

Private pet hotels can take your pet in while you are away. There is a wide range of options available for all expectations, from simple kennels to luxurious private living spaces with organised activities. Expect a price of up to around 25 EUR for large dogs and 15 EUR for cats. Here are some tips for identifying good pet hotels:

  1. Professional pet hotels must be able to show a certificate to prove that they are qualified for pet care (a so called “Sachkundenachweis”) according to §11 “Tierschutzgesetz”. This certifies a high quality of care, treatment and living conditions for the animals.
  2. Good pet hotels will require an EU pet passport (“Heimtierausweis”) to check for vaccinations. The hotel should only accept vaccinated pets.
  3. Take your pet to visit the hotel before your holiday to see if they fill comfortable there. This visit should be free of charge!
  4. Ensure that the pets are given ample opportunities to roam and exercise.

Pet sitters as mini-jobbers: flexible and reliable

If you travel frequently, such as for business, and need to care for a pet, hiring a mini-jobber is a good solution. A reliable and trustworthy pet sitter will care for your pet and home. You can also ask your mini-jobber for other services such as home sitting, watering your plants and emptying your mailbox.

Tips and questions for the pet sitter

  1. Organise a meeting ahead of time so that your pet and the pet sitter can get to know each other.
  2. Does the pet sitter have experience with your pet’s type and breed? Can he or she provide references?
  3. How is the chemistry between you, the pet sitter and your pet? Trust your instinct!
  4. Would you like the pet sitter to care for your pet in your own home? If so, he or she will need to be given access.
  5. Would you like the pet sitter to take care of other tasks as well? Discuss these with your pet sitter and ensure that they are included in a contract.
  6. Agree upon a written contract that includes the services to be provided, the extent of the care, payment, when and how often pet dog should be fed and walked, as well as veterinary appointments. You can download an example of a contract here.
  7. Don’t forget liability insurance! Dog owners having their pet cared for by another party require a special pet-owner liability insurance (“Tierhalter-Haftpflichtversicherung”).
  8. During your absence, your pet should be cared for as similarly to its normal routine as possible. This includes familiar food, fresh water, sufficient exercise and both play and petting time. For small pets, ensure that the enclosure is protected from sun, drafts and moisture.
  9. Leave a note for the pet sitter with the following information: your pet’s dietary and other special requirements, your holiday address and phone number, your veterinarian’s contact details as well as the transponder number and phone number of the German pet registry (“Deutsche Haustierregister”): 0228-60496-35.

How we can help

Along with pet hotels and dog-walking services, we can arrange reliable mini-jobbers as pet sitters. Reviewed and carefully selected pet and home sitters ensure that both are well cared for in your absence.
Let us help you! Our consultation and services are available to you free of charge because your employer strives to help you find a better work-life balance.



Is your pet coming along? This checklist will help with your travel planning:

Before your holiday, take your pet to the veterinarian for a check-up and for vaccinations if needed. A valid rabies vaccine is required. Drugs against fleas and ticks are also recommended. Your veterinarian can help select the right medication for the holiday.
Have your veterinarian issue a pet passport (“Heimtierausweis”) that includes your pet’s vaccines, identification and description.
Be aware of the specific entry requirements for your travel destination, which can be found at www.tierschutzbund.de or by asking your veterinarian. If you are unsure, contact the embassy or consulate of the country you are travelling to.
Get a microchip transponder to ensure that your pet can be identified quickly. If you are travelling abroad, this has been a requirement for both dogs and cats since 2004. You can register with the German pet registry at www.registrier-dein-tier.de or by calling 0228-60496-35.
Travelling by car? It is advisable to drive in the evenings, as the heat during the day can become very stressful for pets. In addition, the wind can quickly lead to conjunctivitis, so keep your windows closed while driving. Never leave your pet alone in the car – heat stroke can be dangerous!
Travelling by plane? Depending on the size, your pet will either travel as a carry-on in a carrying box or in the air-conditioned cargo hold. The prices and conditions for travelling with pets vary – contact the airline directly.
Travelling by train? Small pets can come along in a carrying bag free of charge. However, larger dogs must have a muzzle and require a ticket, which usually costs half or the same price as an adult ticket (depending on the destination and ticket type).